Mari is fair and feminine in its appearance. It has sufficient angulations and curves in its body and a nicely balanced neck. Compared to Mari's aunt we have, Katariina, Mari is more graceful and slender, especially at the head. Mari's appearance in overall is that of an open and joyful youngster. It's coat is thick and easily messy looking. The eyes are dark and beautiful.

Mari is rather sweet and tolerant by nature. It's very easy to handle and it never pulls in the lead. It is also rather curious about things around it and it is often quite easy to motivate, which makes playing/training easier than with some other wolfhounds we've had. On the other hand, Mari is a bit reserved towards people and things outside our family circles, but we've managed to diminish this by exposing Mari to different environments outside our own house. Still, we've decided not to show Mari excessively in dog shows to avoid unnecessary stress. At home, Mari is happy and even bouncy bitch that hasn't matured very much yet as it can still play like a puppy. After the passing away of our older hounds, Mari seems to have been gaining a new kind of confidence and we're all quite happy with its progress towards maturity.

After a triplet of keen home re-decorators (Nero, Nera and Rebecca) we've been pleasantly surprised that Mari hasn't nibbled on any furniture or chewed on any bric-a-brac laying around the house.

Mari strives after approval in constant intervals. Even sometimes during the night we can hear its tail go thump, thump... it wags its tail in half a-sleep but still anticipates that someone will tell: "Good girl!"

Mari grew up to be a strong and loyal bitch that was patient with our new puppies and showed them the ropes. It enjoyed taking walks together with our German shepherds till the last.

Mari has had excellent health in overall. During the hardest growing period it had some growing pains but that left no apparent marks in its joints. In spring-winter 2014, Mari showed first signs of losing muscle-strength in its hindquarters. The loss of strength was caused by the antibiotic medications that Mari had during its last winter to treat skin issues. This development culminated in July 2014, when other of Mari's back legs gave out and we decided to lay Mari to rest.

Mari's details and descriptions
Name FI CH Carel Wolf Rose-Marie
Born 22.5.2006
Died 16.7.2014 (loss of strength in its back legs)
Dame C.I.B. & FI & EE CH BaltW-03-04 Carel Wolf Kati "Kati" (Eyes: OK)
Sire Nordic & SE & NO & FI CH SE W-05 Greirish Nightrider "Merlin" (Hips: A/A)
Eyes OK
Heart OK
Dog shows National champion
Pedigree Finnish dogs in database: KoiraNet
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