Justiina (or Jussi for short) was our sweet lady who liked to walk its own paths. Sometimes it seemed almost absent-minded when it drowned itself in scents outside but actually nothing passed its observation. Justiina was good natured and one of the sharpest or most quick-witted dogs we've ever had. At home, it was a self-proclaimed first lady but no-one ever questioned its authority. It was obedient yet playful - a truly happy dog.

Justiina had many excellent points, and it has been interesting to see some of those same things in its progeny as it was the dame for Carel Wolf N-litter. We had two of Justiina's puppies, Nero and Nera growing at home.

Justiina was a healthy, yet fair Irish Wolfhound. It had a nicely commanding appearance and most lovely almond shaped eyes that it passed also to Nero. It had only one minor problem: it had flat feet on front legs and maybe this was the cause for the two broken toes in its other front leg. Luckily, the broken toes didn't slow it down or cause wrong movement - Justiina had always long, graceful movements and at times, it seemed almost to float through the air. Still, we decided not to compete with Justiina in lure coursing after the injury.

In January 2007, Justiina grew tired after its last heat, and it didn't want to eat any more. At first, the vet found only pyometra, uterine infection to be the problem with Justiina. Soon it turned out that its kidneys were dysfunctional also. On top of that Justiina's heart was rapidly failing, so we decided to put our gentle lady to eternal sleep. There can be no other quite like Justiina. It was a unique hound.

Justiina's details and descriptions
Name C.I.B. FI & EE & LT CH EEW-03 Carel Wolf Justiina
Born 15.10.2000
Died 9.2.2007 (pyometra, kidney dysfunction)
Dame C.I.B. FI & EE & LV CH BaltW-00 LVW-98 Carel Wolf Heili "Heili"
Sire C.I.B. FI & DK & SE CH FLCH SMM-97 SMM-99 SMM-00 Ice Dane's Arnold "Ali" (Eyes: OK; SMM = best Finnish lure coursing IWH of the year)
Eyes OK
Heart Ok during active years with small irregularities found in ultrasound examination two months before the death
Dog shows International champion
Lure coursing Participated with more than a mediacore inclination, but bad luck with toe injury
Pedigree Finnish dogs in database: KoiraNet
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Justiina 6 years old


Justiina, summer 2005

Justiina at winter

Justiina with winter coat


Justiina with Nero, Nera at the background

Justiina with its puppies

Justiina 2002