Welcome to meet our dogs!

This site introduces our Irish Wolfhounds that have been accompanied with German Shepherds throughout these years filled with both happiness and sorrow, but most of all filled with life and simple joy. At the moment we have four girls at home: the wolfhounds Klaara, Blanka and Tiuku, and Romy, a little shepherd girl.

The site contains information about our previous dogs as well, and now even the great Babajaga herself is one of our late dogs. For several years our little dog pack had more members - up till seven dogs at one time.

This site is only for fun as we are not breeders, and our dogs are no more, no less than pets living with us here in the South-Western Finland. The dogs live with us in the house and stay with us throughout their lives. As we love and approve of them all, we also want to offer them good lives.

Mari and Klaara, May 2010:

Mari and Klaara May 2010

Klaara, Tiuku and Blanka, May 2016:

Klaara, Tiuku and Blanka May 2016

Warnings and Disclaimers

All the texts and pictures belong to us, if not otherwise stated.

These dogs are all owned by us as private companion animals i.e. pets. The texts and pictures here in the site are presented with no relation to any breeding plans or breeder's work. This site is up neither for profit nor trouble.

N O T E: Pictures in these pages are not to be used in virtual kennels or for other purposes without permission.

The dogs you can meet here are following:

Irish wolfhounds
  • Roxanne Giovanna "Tiuku"
  • FI & SE CH Carel Wolf Blanka "Blanka"
  • JV-13 Carel Wolf Amalia "Amalia"
  • FI & SE & EE CH Cazavina's Amira "Klaara"
  • FI CH Cazavina's Lacerta "Helga"
  • FI CH Carel Wolf Rose-Marie "Mari"
  • Gogamagog's Hy Niall "Reiska"
  • Carel Wolf Nero "Nero"
  • FI CH Carel Wolf Nera "Nera"
  • C.I.B. & FI & SE & EE CH EEW-04 Carel Wolf Katariina "Katariina"
  • C.I.B. & FI & EE & LT CH EEW-03 Carel Wolf Justiina "Justiina"
  • FI CH Gogamagog's Me or Nothing "Manta"
  • Gogamagog's One Man Show "Ossi"
  • Tinwhistle's Glimmering Gem "Häxan"
  • Brokenwheel Yari "Yrjö"
German shepherd dogs
  • Nummineidon Taika "Romy"
  • Ruutitynnyrin Babajaga "Rebecca"
  • Prico's Rosa "Wilma"
  • Darinpos Cello "Mörö"