Helga's expression is open and friendly. It's quite ready to take part in any activity in our lives and hasn't yet been afraid of anything. Although Helga is energetic and lively, it's mostly obedient and knows its name really well. Living with Helga is quite uncomplicated as it has such a sound character.

Helga is a light brindle bitch that has darker markings in head, chest and inside its legs. As it's still growing, it's lanky and lean with nothing extra or exaggerated. Even its coat is "not exaggerated" and that is quite fine for me - it means that Helga is easy to groom. Helga has a longish head with correct bite and nicely dark, glittering eyes full of good intentions and love that it's quite ready to give anyone. Helga has been growing up with no health problems. As a puppy, Helga has been tested for shunt, and the result was clean. Now Helga has got its eyes and heart examined and everything is well.

Continued in 2013: Helga grew up a lovable and tender-hearted hound that was always eager to couch our younger dogs. In our little pack it was the "softie" that would give room for others' antics. Nevertheless, Helga had a very commanding and powerful presence. It was a keen yet never aggressive guard dog and its bark could be heard loud and clear. At the evenings, Helga would be attention and affection demanding and during the nights Helga would sleep near - and preferably on - the other dogs and/or people.

In year 2011 Helga got restless at nights and it had problems sleeping. We took it to a veterinarian and it was found out that Helga had a heart muscle inflammation. At that time, it was presumed to be a continuation after an episode of kennel cough. Helga's heart was extremely strong and healthy and Helga conquered the inflammation. However, after the heart muscle inflammation was cured, Helga started have other inflammation on and off. During the last two years it had several stronger and stronger antibiotic medications. It could have been caused, for example, by a virus infection or by bacteria that is resistance to antibacterial drugs or by a lower immunity. In the end, Helga got adverse effect of the medications and as Helga's condition got quickly worse, the veterinarian found that Helga's liver was collapsing. We had to make the sad decision to spare it more suffering, but the home felt horribly silent and all too spacious after losing the always active and always loud Helga.

Helga's details and descriptions
Name FI CH Cazavina's Lacerta
Born 8.3.2008
Died 22.4.2013 (continuous inflammations starting with a heart muscle inflammation in 2011)
Dame Gardener's Cazavinalime "Vina"
Sire C.I.B. Nord SE FI CH SE W-09 FI & HE W-10 Pennybright Lancelot
Eyes OK
Heart OK (ultra, EKG)
Dog shows National champion
Pedigree Finnish dogs in database: KoiraNet
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Helga May 2010, 2 years old

Helga August 2009

Helga September 2009

Helga Aug 2009

Helga 2009

Helga Winter 2008709

Helga Winter 2008709

Helga August 2008

Helga August 2008