In 2012 we noticed a litter we couldn't just let pass as the pedigree had so many familiar and fine wolfhounds - although we had been deceiving ourselves with plans about lighter breeds. So now we have our sixth Carel Wolf -wolfhound, the light grey bitch Amalia. Amalia is fast and agile hound with good drive and beautiful gait. It has been growing up with no issues and the older dogs adopted it with no fuss.

Continued in 2015: I cannot yet believe how suddenly we lost Amalia. It was always sunny and fast hound that liked running. Amalia was my special baby-faced companion with graceful, light-brindle appearance. She was always ready to join action in a very shepherd dog like keenness. Maybe it learned it from Romy, but in overall, Amalia had good obedience and we had many good runs together.

Amalia's details and descriptions
Name Carel Wolf Amalia
Born 27.8.2012
Died 24.7.2015 in a running accident
Dame Fi Ch Carel Wolf Unelma (eyes: OK)
Sire C.I.B. NORD Fi Se No Ch Riverwolf Neptunus (eyes: distichiasis, moderate)
Heart OK (20.9.2014 auscultation, ultrasound and EKG)
Dog shows FI JW-13, CERT (2 x Finnish, 1 x Swedish and 2 x Estonian), BOB-& BOS-placements
Pedigree Finnish dogs in database: KoiraNet
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Amalia in Sweden, August 2014d

Amalia in June 2014

Amalia's expression in summer 2014

Amalia 8 months old

Amalia winter 12-13


Amalia and Helga